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Future Jags
There is nothing better than being a Jaguar! 

    Join the Jag family and be part of the fun:

    • Feel the energy and Jag Spirit at our electric Rock Canyon games 

    • Play for Rock Canyon in the competitive Gold Crown league (tryout info below)

    • Attend Rock Canyon Summer Basketball Camp where you will not only learn valuable basketball skills but also meet coaches and hangout with your favorite Varsity players  (Registration below)


    We can't wait to meet you! 
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    Show your school pride and support the team with spirit-wear!

    Become a part of Rock Canyon
    High School Basketball Tradition.

    Gold Crown League

    2022-23 Season Tryouts
    August 27 & 28

    5th and 6th Graders 11-12:30
    7th and 8th Graders 1-2:30
    Tryouts held at Rock Canyon High School
    Tryout Fee is $20
    Stay tuned for upcoming Skills Sessions


    Learning the fundamentals of the game and individual skill
    is the most important aspect of our youth program. 
    We want our players to have fun, develop a strong work ethic, learn, improve and create an unquestionable love for the game.

    • Our Feeder Program is an extension of our High School Program

    • We will form 2 teams at 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades levels

    • Parent Meeting soon after tryouts

    • Season practices begin in November. Games begin in December. Season ends in late February/early March.

    • Practices will be at Rocky Heights Middle School or Rock Canyon High School.

    • Our RCHS basketball staff conducts tryouts, picks the teams, assigns the coaches and oversees the development of our future Jags.

    For more information e-mail - 

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    youth camp '22

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